JustinBenline.com is The Best Pointless Website

If you like supporting great causes and trolling Eric Hersey’s friends – you have landed on the right page. JustinBenline.com is a great place to buy all Benline related merchandise and also torment the one we call Franchise 10.

About JustinBenline.com

Justin Benline, also called Franchise 10 in some circles, is a man that avoids people at all costs. He is an extreme hermit and prides himself in his ability to bypass all human contact. Some say catching a glimpse of Benline is as rare as the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot.

In order to pay tribute and awareness of the Justin Benline brand, we have created The Justin Benline Collection, specializing in his mid-2000s work photo/MEME. There is no real purpose to having Justin Benline on a t-shirt, but why have a reason.

That’s a great question. Our lawyers have been working with the Justin Benline Estate to make sure all of these products are legal. Justin only hires the most discrete attorneys – so we are still trying to find the law firms phone number.

Justin Benline is currently unreachable. When we finally get in contact, we will gladly open up the hotlines and give away his personal mobile number.